Jeff Nourse: Why You Should Invest in the Medical Aesthetics Sector

We are living in a very exciting time for innovation and advancement, we have come farther technologically in the last decade than ever before and there looks to be no end in sight on where we can go. With tech start-ups flourishing and the cross-pollination of industries and ideas it’s easy to see why technology will play a key role in our futures, and while most of us think of cool apps, robots, and autonomous vehicles when we think of current technological innovation, we often overlook how important technology is to medical research and development especially when it comes to medical aesthetics.
Technology has been the key driver for medical aesthetics since its inception —think laser hair removal—and continues to push the sector forward. When people ask me: “Hey Jeff Nourse, why did you get involved in the medical spa business?” I usually tell them that the return on investment is large, it is one of the few industries where you get to not only offer services people want, you also get to help people feel better about themselves, and there is always something new and exciting coming to market or in the works. So, it’s a win, win, and win in my books!


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