The Three Minute Whole Body Recovery Treatment Used By Olympic Athletes

Olympians Love 3 Minute Whole Body Recovery : Jeff Nourse 

Every four years we are awed and inspired by the athleticism, determination and resilience of Olympians from around the globe. While these elite athletes have spent years perfecting and mastering their respective sports they're not immune to injury and fatigue.

Unlike the rest of us who can take a sick day from work as needed, Olympians are often forced to perform while suffering from an injury or illness.  They are also less likely to take medication that can affect their performance or be deemed as a performance enhancer forcing many athletes to bear through the pain.

Cryotherapy the use of controlled cooling is a whole body recovery treatment that can restore energy, heal muscles and improve endurance in less than 3 minutes. Based on the same principle as icing or cold baths Cryotherapy is much more effective because it doesn't take a prolonged period to reach the temperature for healing like icing and cold baths due which can cause the body to go into shock.

To read more about the restorative power of Cryotherapy and how it is being used at the Olympics visit my blog Cryotherapy: The Ideal 3 Minute Treatment for Olympic Athletes



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