Jeff Nourse and Others on Turning Your Passion into a Successful Business

Starting your own business can be one of the most exciting and chaotic times of your life. On one hand, you are embracing a dream and pursuing your goals; while on the other hand, you are taking a huge risk.
This risk is compounded by the terrifying statistics that 50 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years and only 40 percent of small businesses are profitable.
While these numbers may seem to be a prime deterrent in pursuing your dream remember the most powerful companies and influential businesses all started with a hope, a dream and founder/s who never gave up.
People often ask me, “Jeff Nourse, what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?”
When it comes to ensuring the success of your new business the best advice is also the most obvious, ask questions and talk to people who have succeeded and failed in the very industry or sector you are trying to be successful in.
Insight from people who have been there and done that is extremely valuable. Whether their business prevailed and flourished or struggled and floundered they will be able to talk about problems, issues and concerns that you may not have even thought of.
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