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Hey thanks for stopping by my blog site. I want to use this space to start engaging conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals. In today's rapidly globalizing world networking with peers and colleagues is very valuable I would like to connect with and unite business professionals all over the globe especially those interested in technology, innovation and health care. 

Here is a brief bio that was written for me so you can get a better understanding of my history. 

JeffNourse is a Canadian business professional who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Jeff's entrepreneurial passions have long been a driving force in his life, he has spent the last twenty plus years developing, nurturing and expanding a variety of businesses.  While Jeff's business expertise and acumen relate mostly to the international retail and medical executive management sectors, he also very well versed on  health sciences,  technology and innovation.  

Jeff Nourse's unwavering commitment to entrepreneurial excellence has allowed him to establish, lead and grow the largest and most popular medical spa chain in Canada. Built around the concept of 'only offering the best' Jeff's medical spas featured an array of the best medical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures available around the globe. 

In an effort to always bring the latest and greatest innovations to his client's in Canada Jeff has spent a great deal of time traveling around the world meeting with the leading authorities on health, beauty and wellness. 

Jeff's desire to offer Canadian men and women high quality medical aesthetic procedures has taken him to almost every continent (except Antarctica) in search of latest anti aging, skin rejuvenation treatments. 

As an entrepreneur at heart Jeff's greatest passion comes from the synergy that occurs when you have a group of people experience that AHA moment of creative innovation.  

In his spare time Jeff Nourse is an amateur photographer who enjoys take photos of life in Toronto. He is also passionate about cooking, boating and reading. 


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