Spring For Your Summer Body Now!

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, through strict diet and regular gym visits. Well if you spent your winter hibernating but still want to get a jumpstart on your summer bod, there is still time. Of course it will take more than just eating a few salads and heading to your local Good Life.... Continue reading here: Jeff Nourse 

Jeff Nourse: "Good skin care products are one of the best investments you will ever make."

Skin care for men has come along way in the last few years. Gone are the one size fits all products, now replaced with tailored products designed to target a specific issue, like wrinkles, dryness or combination skin. While the thought of taking a trip to your local Sephora is probably enough to induce anxiety and even a mild panic attack, have no fear with 5 simple products you can transform your skin's health and actively combat all the signs of aging. 
To learn which products are a must have read my latest Medium post: Jeff Nourse Demystifies Male Skin Care: Lotions, & Toners & Serums, Oh My…

Jeff Nourse Achievements - Canadian Medical Aesthetics Entrepreneur

Jeff Nourse Brief Personal Introduction Jeff Nourse is a Toronto-based medical aesthetics entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years developing and launching a variety of successful medical aesthetic spas in and around Toronto. Jeff’s passion for innovation has allowed him to bring a number of highly sought-after beauty and anti-aging treatments to Canada. Jeff Nourse Detailed Personal Profile Jeff Nourse is a Canadian entrepreneur and experienced investor who has spent the last two decades establishing and growing medical aesthetic businesses in Canada’s largest markets. Currently. Jeff Nourse is the inspirational visionary consultant of a chain of cutting-edge medical aesthetic spas operating across the GTA. Jeff’s vision has allowed him to establish some of the most successful and sought-after medical aesthetics spas in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). With a commitment to offering his clients the latest and greatest aesthetic treatments and services, Jeff Nourse regularly scours t…

Jeff Nourse Entrepreneur -- Welcome to my blog

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog site. I want to use this space to start engaging conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals. In today's rapidly globalizing world networking with peers and colleagues is very valuable I would like to connect with and unite business professionals all over the globe especially those interested in technology, innovation and health care. 

Here is a brief bio that was written for me so you can get a better understanding of my history. 

JeffNourse is a Canadian business professional who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Jeff's entrepreneurial passions have long been a driving force in his life, he has spent the last twenty plus years developing, nurturing and expanding a variety of businesses.  While Jeff's business expertise and acumen relate mostly to the international retail and medical executive management sectors, he also very well versed on  health sciences,  technology and innovation.  
Jeff Nourse's …

Popularity of Dual and Multi Treatments in Medical Aesthetic Sector

How does the saying go? “Two is always better than one.” I have always believed this to be true, especially when it comes to dessert, cars, and glasses of fine wine. When it comes to medical aesthetic treatments the sentiment also rings true.
Over the last decade or so we have seen a rapid advancement in technologies and innovations throughout the medical aesthetics sector that has paired, combined and united a variety of technologies, methodologies and treatment styles. Dual and multi treatments are a fantastic option for clients looking to treat multiple areas or address a variety of concerns in the same area, these combination treatments are known to increase the efficacy and speed of antiaging and rejuvenation procedures. At the forefront of this booming industry is a Canadian and Israeli company, Venus Concept. First emerging on the scene in the early 2000s Venus Concept initially offered treatments designed to treat specific medical conditions the aesthetic benefits later becam…

The Three Minute Whole Body Recovery Treatment Used By Olympic Athletes

Olympians Love 3 Minute Whole Body Recovery : Jeff Nourse 

Every four years we are awed and inspired by the athleticism, determination and resilience of Olympians from around the globe. While these elite athletes have spent years perfecting and mastering their respective sports they're not immune to injury and fatigue.

Unlike the rest of us who can take a sick day from work as needed, Olympians are often forced to perform while suffering from an injury or illness.  They are also less likely to take medication that can affect their performance or be deemed as a performance enhancer forcing many athletes to bear through the pain.

Cryotherapy the use of controlled cooling is a whole body recovery treatment that can restore energy, heal muscles and improve endurance in less than 3 minutes. Based on the same principle as icing or cold baths Cryotherapy is much more effective because it doesn't take a prolonged period to reach the temperature for healing like icing and cold baths du…

Jeff Nourse: Why You Should Invest in the Medical Aesthetics Sector

We are living in a very exciting time for innovation and advancement, we have come farther technologically in the last decade than ever before and there looks to be no end in sight on where we can go. With tech start-ups flourishing and the cross-pollination of industries and ideas it’s easy to see why technology will play a key role in our futures, and while most of us think of cool apps, robots, and autonomous vehicles when we think of current technological innovation, we often overlook how important technology is to medical research and development especially when it comes to medical aesthetics. Technology has been the key driver for medical aesthetics since its inception —think laser hair removal—and continues to push the sector forward. When people ask me: “Hey Jeff Nourse, why did you get involved in the medical spa business?” I usually tell them that the return on investment is large, it is one of the few industries where you get to not only offer services people want, you also …